Informed Consent for Using StarRez for UNBC Housing Applications

I hereby consent to allow StarRez to collect, use, and disclose my personal information for the purpose of allowing me to apply online for UNBC Housing, assign my room, and manage my preferences while I am a resident at UNBC.

UNBC collects, transmits, and stores my personal information on StarRez servers for the purpose of allowing streamlined and direct delivery of my application for housing to UNBC staff.

I am responsible for the accuracy of the information that I enter into StarRez during my application to UNBC Housing. I will report any corrections that I cannot change myself to

I understand that personal information such as my demographic information (data that identifies me), lifestyle preferences, medical information, and vehicle information will be stored on Microsoft Azure Cloud servers. While these servers are located in Canada, they could transmit information for processing my information internationally. StarRez staff will only handle my data directly when necessary to conduct system maintenance or while troubleshooting the StarRez system.

My personal information may remain within StarRez for up to two years after I am no longer a resident in UNBC Housing. I will be asked to confirm or provide new information each time I apply for UNBC Housing. UNBC may need to transfer information about me out of StarRez and into UNBC servers to meet legal or operational requirements.

I understand that my consent is required before my information can be stored on a cloud server that could transmit my information internationally. I understand that I am responsible for contacting the UNBC Housing Office if I do not consent to this method of processing my application for UNBC housing.

If I have any questions regarding the storage, use, and disclosure of my personal information in StarRez, I will contact the UNBC Housing Office at